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    Four Reasons Quibi Is Doomed To Fail

    Quibi, which rhymes with Libby, has been dunked on for a while. Launching in the midst of a pandemic in April 2020, the streaming site (which stands for “Quick Bites”) has not gotten off to a good start. I think the best way you can sum up its current standing is a baffling quote from CEO Meg Whitman on her favorite shows: The Vulture article, from journalist Benjamin Wallace, is a wonderful dive into the company and how it failed. Here I’ll outline some of the many reasons why it has failed to land and will not survive in the land of Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV, and…

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    Do I have the right to be forgotten?

    The internet is a sorting tool of information. It allows a quick search of individuals, but can easily distort or manipulate one’s viewpoint. I can feel Big Brother’s ever watchful eye as the vast amount of collectible information about me is synthesized through service providers, search engines and applications. How things are sorted reflects traffic paths. According to online ad network Chitika, the top listing on a Google search result will get 33% of search traffic. So what is popular gets sorted, but what happens if something is popular and you want it erased? Do I have the right to be forgotten? This right to be forgotten started with a…